Celebrating A Special Birthday

27 Feb

On Tuesday 25 February the Cowbridge Stitch & Bitcher’s met to celebrate Monica’s birthday – and what a celebration – with bubbly,  lunch and plenty of fun and games!

The afternoon started with a celebratory drink ……

Helen and Hilary

Jess and MD

followed by more presents!

A wonderful photo album capturing not only Monica’s past but also many of her current activities and bright ideas!

girsl and photo album

And how thoughtful –  the gift bag matches the outfit!

MD and present 2

Lunch was wonderful – Iechyd Da!

MD and lunch

Having filled their tums it was time to play some games.  First off – charades – is Deedi  counting the years past on her fingers or is this a clue to the number of words in the film?

Deedi 2

A Stitch ‘n Bitch event couldn’t pass without a touch of recycling – Jackie had decorated a washing powder tub so that she could keep the charade papers in it. And,  how delightful that Anita (now residing in Oz) was pictured on the front of the tub – she will be thrilled!

photo on bin

After a strenuous charades session it was time for a bit of exercise – and to remind everyone of the recent Winter Olympics a game of curling was in order!

Jess curling

MD curling

Monica seemed more interested in using the brush to put the others off!

MD curling

Whilst everyone enjoyed the game there was a general consensus that no-one would get called up to compete in a future Olympic team.

The final game was one of guessing who the babies and children were in  photographs – not easy but great fun! Did Caroline win?  If so it could be because she might have been cheating? – looking at the back of the photo to see if there was a name that would give a clue!

Girls with photos

And, to round off the afternoon – there was a cake made by Jess – who is so talented at making yummy things to add that  little extra round the waist!

In true Stitch ‘n Bitch fashion it was decorated with coloured chocolate buttons, a marzipan tape measure and marzipan cotton bobbins – not forgetting the Scottie Dogs (Monica;s favourites) around the side of the cake!

birthday cake framed

What a truly memorable birthday treat – shared with the very best of friends!


I wonder who’s *Oth it is next?

Hearts for Valentine’s Day

24 Feb

On 14 February Pam was busy making hearts form the Financial Times for Valentines day. She was planning to give them away to friends who were joining her in the evening for book club.

Whilst she was busy beavering away at the Helen was busy knitting.


And, Deedi was showing off a little Teddy Bear that she had just finished. He’s very sweet.

Deedis bear

It was a very pleasant afternoon, made even more enjoyable with home made apple and cinnamon cake courtesy of Jess!

Fundraising for SOLACE

13 Jan

Today we presented SOLACE with £900 which was the total amount that we raised from our Christmas Coffee Morning and Craft Fayre.

We handed the money over at the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay and whilst we were there came across this lovely quilt made by Ystrad Mynach Quilters!

Norwegian Church quilt

Norwegian quilt

One Step Closer to Shipping Shoes to Lesotho!

11 Jan

Today staff and parents of Lakeside School in Cardiff gathered to pack all the shoes, clothes, books and stationery items that they had collected over the last few months to send out to St Gerard’s School in Lesotho.

group packingw

The first job was to gather all the goodies that had been donated. Caroline’s job was to look in all the nooks and crannies!

Caroline under stagew

As well as some beautiful new sports and sweat shirts there were new and used shoes to be packed, an assortment of books and stationery, hand made shoe bags and hand knitted children’s sweaters and toys.

shoe bags packed

shoe bags and Neryss

This beautiful knitted teddy is going to be shipped separately and hopefully will Lakeside school’s mascot in Lesotho.

knitted toys

Everything was very organised which meant that it only took  a couple of hours to pack and seal 112 boxes which will be collected for shipment this week. Watch this space to find out how the shipment is progressing – apparently the children at Lakeside will be able to track the ship that takes the container of goodies.


As if this wasn’t enough good news for one day. Before she left school Caroline just happened to check her emails and to her great surprise and delight found one from the British Council about an application that the school had made to enable an exchange of teachers to take place. This means that two teachers from Lakeside school will be able to travel to Lesotho and two teachers from Lesotho will be able to visit Cardiff – what an amazing day!

Celebrating Christmas Down Under

16 Dec

Our dear friend Anita, who is now living in Australia, has sent us a photo of her Christmas tree – which is beautifully decorated with 100 hand made decorations!

Anita's tree daylight

It looks like she  has been on a bit of a mission and it certainly looks very impressive!


Time to Relax After a Hectic Year!

13 Dec

This year we have been kept busy with various projects.

There was the Lakeside School 50th Anniversary wall hanging followed by a fundraising afternoon tea to raise funds to send shoes to St Gerard’s school in Lesotho, South Africa and our annual Festive Coffee Morning and Craft sale to raise funds this year for SOLACE, a Cardiff and Vale charity that supports people with dementia and their relatives.

Jenny, Jackie MD and Jess

It has been hectic to say the least so it was good to have the time out enjoy dinner and a glass of wine and reflect on the past year and years to come – though Monica has been reminded that she needs to keep a lid on her great ideas – for a while at least!


Just noticed that our little friend Seamus snook into the picture as well!

Love the festive outfit Gloria!


We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year and a safe journey to Hilary and Deedi who are  travelling abroad for Christmas

Boy Racers Look Out!

3 Dec

Group member Deedi, who always keeps us smiling, has bought a bike – not just any old bike -but a moped !


So, if you are out and about round Cowbridge stand clear and give her a wave!


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